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Diagnostic market is expected to reach about $30.6 billion in 2020

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Ekahau RTLS Improves Resident Safety in Danish Elderly Care Center

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LifeLock Acquires Mobile Wallet Platform Lemon

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Flow cytometry for stress free sperm sexing technique
06 January 2014
The researchers in Italy have measured differences between bovine sperm bearing chromosomes X or Y. This could provide us with a new technique in sperm sexing. The livestock industries depend on sperm sorting to select healthy livestock for the artificial insemination technique.

Biomarkers from urine diagnosed mitochondrial dysfunction in diabetic kidney disease
02 January 2014
Research conducted at University of California, San Diego School of Medicine found 13 metabolite produced by cellular metabolism. These 13 metabolite shows variation of functionality in patients with diabetes and chronic kidney disease as compared to normal person. Twelve biomarkers s metabolite are connected to mitochondrial function that denotes the fundamental characteristics of diabetic kidney disease.

Time lapsed microscopy to increase cost of IVF
06 January 2014
The TLM technique is a very promising technique that could improve the success rates of implantation. This technique was recently outlined in U.K. Researchers say by studying the embryo developing time, the best embryos can be picked for implantation in the womb. For this procedure, there is a need of taking thousand so pictures, during the initial days of the embryos

Biomarkert help to predict progress of Lou-Gehrig’s disease
02 January 2014
Researchers are analyzing the most relevant biomarkers by collecting and studying plasma samples, cerebrospinal fluid samples from patients undergoing diagnostic evaluation for ALS symptoms. Multiple biomarkers being complex in analysis and evaluations, researchers are analyzing the diagnosis of ALS disease through single biomarkers.

Genetic engineering fixed the problem of embryonic stem cell rejection
07 January 2014
According to research team in UC San Diego, rejection of transplanted cells, one of the major problems in embryonic stem cell therapy, can be solved by application of genetic engineering. Immuno rejection of transplanted cells is a toughest problem in cell transplantation therapy. Peoples undergoing cell transplantation therapy have to take harsh immune suppressing drugs.

Study finds language learning skills in fetuses
07 January 2014
Parents carefully watch their language when around young children. Soon to be parents should watch what they say, too. Because, babies learn language skills in their early years of life. A new research says that this language learning skill starts in the womb.

Researcher to improve cancer detection in women
07 January 2014
Researcher at Arizona State University Bio-design Institute have developed a number technologies for early detection of breast cancer, ovarian cancer and HPV. Pro-vista Diagnostic Inc. is a molecular biomarker diagnostic company focusing on development, manufacturing and commercialization of diagnostic, prognostic and predictive tests for cancer in women.

Mayo Clinic received FDA approval for conducting clinical trials in human for stem cell transplant in heart disease
20 January 2014
Mayo clinic got an approval from U.S. FDA for conducting clinical trials on humans. These clinical trials were conducted for their decade research project, which is to fix damaged heart tissue using stem cells. Success of these trials will bring revolutionary changes in the treatment of heart related diseases.

UK scientists make body parts in lab
10 April 2014
In a north London hospital, scientists are growing noses, ears and blood vessels in the laboratory in a bold attempt to make body parts using stem cells. It is among several labs around the world, including in the U.S., that are working on the futuristic idea of growing custom-made organs in the lab.