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Diagnostic market is expected to reach about $30.6 billion in 2020

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Ekahau RTLS Improves Resident Safety in Danish Elderly Care Center

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LifeLock Acquires Mobile Wallet Platform Lemon

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Automotive and Transportation
A Great Limo Service for Hire Needs Careful Consideration
28 April 2014
When you search for limo services in Fort Lauderdale, you will feel that the internet is the best place to do it. Yes, thats right. If you are thinking of visiting Miami or Fort Lauderdale, you will need a good car service to pick you up and drop you at the airport. Or you may need a car service for a business client in those areas. Why not get a little fancy and get a limo service to do the needful?

Save Money On A New Car
12 May 2014
Purchasing a new vehicle is an exciting time, but it is also a huge financial commitment. When you go to get a new car, regardless if youre going to be the first owner or you choose to go pre-owned, you want to be sure youre getting the best car for the best price possible. With that in mind, its important to remember these few tips to ensure you do just that.

Googles Self Driving Car Project Is A Worlds Fair Fantasy Turned City Street Reality
15 May 2014
Google has made a lot of progress on its selfdriving car project in the past few years, and just this week it began ferrying journalists around Mountain View in the autonomous vehicles. The company shared with us a heap of information about the project, its history and how it came to be in light of its recent advancements

This Algae Battery Could Power A Tesla With 200X The Charge
31 May 2014
In a small lab, near a lake at the edge of West Berkeley, sits the prototype of what could revolutionize battery power as we know it. The secret to this power Algae. OK, just hang with me here. Lots of research has already been done on algaes possible power capabilities. Prototype creator Adam Freeman says this new kind of battery,

Save Money On Your Car Repairs
11 June 2014
When it comes time to get your car fixed, its often times an expensive and nerve-wracking process. Figuring out where to go to get your car worked on, who to trust and how to save money while doing so are all things you need to take into consideration. That being said, you can save money on your car repairs. Want to know how

BMW "No Reverse" Transmission Problem
28 June 2014
You decide to stop at the local convenience store on your way home to grab some ice cream for the kids and a bottle of water for yourself. Upon returning to your car, you start it up, check your rear view mirror, put the shifter in reverse and then the unthinkable happens the engine just revs as if it is in neutral and the car goes nowhere