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Diagnostic market is expected to reach about $30.6 billion in 2020

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Ekahau RTLS Improves Resident Safety in Danish Elderly Care Center

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LifeLock Acquires Mobile Wallet Platform Lemon

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Earth Hour Super Heroes Are Joined By The Amazing Spider-Man To Protect The Planet
31 March 2014
WWF Earth Hour is set to break all records of participation in its eighth year, as Spider-Man tonight joined millions of everyday super heroes from across the world in the worlds largest celebration for the planet.

Christina Oh Launches Style Blog Spotlighting Western Designers in Chinas $27 Billion Luxury Goods Market
01 April 2014
Korean-American model and fashion blogger Christina Oh will showcase U.S. and European designers in Chinas lucrative luxury goods market this summer, as she launches her popular style blog in the Far East.

The Peninsula Hotels Introduces New Interactive Website
02 April 2014
Launching in English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and also French (to mark the opening of The Peninsula Paris on August 1, 2014) with additional languages to follow, the adaptive design provides a consistent experience across desktop and tablet, with an optimized mobile version coming shortly.

THIRTEEN American Masters Series Presents the National Broadcast Premiere of A Fierce Green Fire in Honor of Earth DayTuesday April 22 on PBS
02 April 2014
THIRTEEN American Masters series presents the first big-picture exploration of the environmental movement in A Fierce Green Fire premiering nationally Tuesday, April 22 2014 9-10 p.m. on PBS check local listings in honor of Earth Day. The one-hour documentary chronicles one of the largest movements of the 20th century

Taylor Swift Breaks Shanghai Record Selling Out The Mercedes-Benz Arena In One Minute
07 April 2014
Taylor Swift sold out Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Arena in one minute, making it the fastest ticket on-sale in Chinese history. Seven-time GRAMMY winner Taylor Swift announced last month that in response to strong fan demand she would take her critically-acclaimed The RED Tour to Asia this summer. Fan demand true, the seven Asian dates sold out in record speeds and broke history books with the fastest ticket on-sale in Chinese history. T

Saint Archer Brewing Co Releases Best Selling Beers in Cans from Ball
08 April 2014
From the heart of San Diegos burgeoning craft beer scene, popular relative newcomer Saint Archer Brewing Company has released their four core beers in 12-ounce cans from Ball Corporation (NYSE BLL).

OnForce Delivers Technology Platform for Harnessing the Freelancer Economy
10 April 2014
OnForce, a leader in technology enabled workforce management, today introduced OnForce Converge, a private, cloud based Freelancer Management System for managing an enterprise independent workforce. Available in a subscription based model, the workforce management solution is designed to provide enterprises with an efficient way of engaging, managing and paying their dynamic, variable freelancer workforce.

Best Small Business Ideas For Moms In 2014 - Empowered Ezine Lists Their Top Choices
10 April 2014
Fortunately there are plenty of perks of opening a small business that mothers can enjoy. For starters, all the proposed small business ideas share a common trait in that they all have low startup costs. Mothers will never have to worry about being away from their little ones for too long either – all these small businesses can be created and managed from the comfort of home.

The Bump Announces 2013 Best of Baby Award Winners Featuring Leading Pregnancy Products and Baby Gear
24 April 2014
TheBump.com, a leading pregnancy and parenting website, today announced the second-annual Best of Baby product awards, the best gear and products of 2013 for mom and baby. TheBump.com editors reviewed hundreds of products—from baby carriers to cribs—to find the items that truly excel in design, practicality, value, functionality, saving time, problem solving and innovation. The result is a carefully curated list of 100 top winners across 27 categories,

How to Win a Beauty Pageant
25 April 2014
Every girl who enters a beauty pageant has one goal in mind- winning. However, no matter how beautiful or talented each contestant is, there can only be one winner. So, you may be asking yourself the number one question. What can I do to win a beauty pageant? To begin with, if you want to win a beauty pageant you will have to do your research and prepare for hard work.

Lifestyle Magazine and how it affects your Life
25 April 2014
Life seems to have stopped at a point and everything is stagnant? Then what you need is a revival from your sleepy and snoozing attitude. This can be done by taking in your hand a colorfully decked magazine. You will notice that within the next few moments, you will find yourself charged up and land up in a completely new world. The pleasant world of luxury or charming celebrities,

A Complete Format Of Entertainment Ideas For Weddings
25 April 2014
In any wedding celebration, the bride and the groom are the two most excited people. Oftentimes, the attendees who are usually the closest family and friends of the couple are looking forward for something else. After all, the people attending the wedding are probably more interested in the wedding reception ceremony than anything else. However, setting up a wedding reception is not as easy as we sometimes wish it would be.

Why Is The Euro So Strong?
29 April 2014
The euro remains very attractive against the pound and the dollar despite the ongoing problems presented by European Debt and the probable bailouts or defaults. I have read today of a report by the BBC which stated two thirds of European economists surveyed expect Greece to default on their debt. Last year such an announcement would have had the markets in absolute turmoil, indeed much of last years weakness on the euro was due to the debt crisis.

Best Advertising Ways to Attract Tenants
02 May 2014
The best way to invest your money is the real estate property. You can buy an apartment or a bungalow and give it on rent. This will generate a considerable amount of revenue in an easy way. Have got extra houses to let in Sheffield that you do not live in? Are you thinking of giving your houses to rent in Sheffield? Are you in the search of good tenants so that you can give your property to let in Sheffield?

The Changing Styles of Food Photography
03 May 2014
Our appetites have changed over the years and no more is this clearly reflected than in food photography. The rise of organic, real food combined with a focus on healthier diets over the last decade has seen a major change in how food is presented through photography. No longer are we quite as tempted by a plate of perfect looking, vividly colored food rested neatly on a table. These days

How to Design an Effective Brochure?
03 May 2014
Brochures are nothing but a professionally designed piece of paper that states your companys purpose. Brochures are a very useful marketing tool as they must contain some important information about your company. The purpose of a brochure or a leaflet is more or less same but the former contains much detailed information about an organization and its purpose. The persons who are visiting your company or institution for the first time, they find it very difficult to remember all the services and products that you are providing them.

Secret of landscape photographers
12 May 2014
Notwithstanding the measure of light, its essential to think about the nature of light. The most noticeably awful kept mystery of scene camera people is the timing when the best light happens. Frequently known as the Golden Hour, this is the hour wrapping day break and dusk, when the light is diffused, tender, and vivid. In correlation, evening light is merciless and regularly leaves subjects looking level.

4 Reasons Photographers Should Always Carry A Tablet
12 May 2014
A tablet is the best tool for displaying your portfolio and networking. Surprisingly many photographers do not even own one, let alone carry one around. In this article, we will cover the four main reasons photographers should always carry a tablet by comparing them to popular tools of choice such as a website. At the end we will look at what features you need to make getting the right one easier.

8 Parts to Marketing Success
16 May 2014
As a Business Transformation Coach I find that no matter what business you choose whether Real Estate Investing, MLM or a restaurant marketing is key. Marketing is not about selling it is about attracting those that you have a solution for. Most people see marketing as something they do to others to get them to buy whatever they are selling. This way of marketing is outdated. Attraction Marketing is the answer.

Facebook Hires Both Founders Of Video Startup Switchcam
17 May 2014
Facebook mobile video feature is pathetic. No multi-shot recording, multi-clip uploads, stabilization, or editing. Hopefully it will get an update soon, though, as a source has tipped me off that last month Facebook hired the founders of Switchcam, a startup that specialized in video sharing. The founders Chris Hartley and Bret Welch both now list Facebook as their employer, and Switchcam has been shut down

Coming Up With Landscaping Ideas
21 May 2014
You may not be interested in landscaping ideas but if you own a home with a yard then you should at least learn a little bit about landscaping. Eventually you will have some type of landscaping done and it is best to be prepared if you can. Basic, effective landscaping ideas are not that hard to find and the landscaping process can actually be fairly easy if you have some landscaping knowledge

Tips For Starting Your Garden With Seeds
21 May 2014
Many gardeners want to get started from the earliest stage of the process. This involves planting flowers and vegetables from seeds. Starting a garden from scratch is possible, as long as you follow all the basics. To get plants started from seeds, you will have to consider several factors. The first thing to plan is the type of soil. You may want to plant the seeds in pots and then to move the seedlings to the garden.

House Republican Efforts To Curb FCC Authority Mirror Cable Industry Lobbying
31 May 2014
A bill introduced to the House of Representatives on Wednesday evening by Rep. Bob Latta would limit the FCC’s ability to regulate the telecom industry by prohibiting it from classifying broadband as a public utility under Title II of the Communications Act.

Tips for Making Your First Short Film
02 June 2014
In the realm of film, time and space could be controled and seem any longer or shorter than what it would be in this present reality. Executives can control the Polaroid, to make the crowd think something is genuine, when it is definitely not. Likewise, they can make 10 years would appear to be only one day. This is the nature of the shoot.

AT&T Is Offering $50K To Engineers To Make New York City Safer For Pedestrians
02 June 2014
While smartphones make a whole lot of things in our lives easier, the instant access to information and constant notifications about what our friends are up to tends to be rather distracting as we go about our day. AT&T thinks that tendency might be contributing to an unfortunate statistic: in New York City, 14,845 crashes between cars and pedestrians were recorded in 2013, a 35% increase from 2012

Grow Your Own Apartment With Just The Wave Of Your Hand
05 June 2014
MITs CityHome aims to solve the space issue for many urban renters in New York and San Francisco who often must sacrifice space for cost. A 200 square-foot modular unit expands to a full 840 square-foot apartment with the wave of a hand. Think of it like an apartment in a box that responds to Wii-like hand gestures

Mixify Launches Clubcast To Bring Daft Punk To Your House
06 June 2014
Daft Punk may not actually be playing at your house, but startup company Mixify has launched a new service, called Clubcast, and raised initial capital to bring DJs from around the world to your club or event. Mixify began as a live streaming service for electronic dance music in late 2012.

Tinder Just Replaced The Pick-Up Line With Selfies
06 June 2014
“So hey, do you live around here?” could be replaced by silly selfies if Tinders new Moments feature takes off. The swiping part of Tinder was always fun, akin to spotting potential lovers across the bar. The problem was ending up with a bunch of matches on Tinder or someone making “come hither” eyes at you in real life, but having nothing to say to break the ice.

You Say Potato Salad
09 July 2014
If this Kickstarter for potato salad has seen far, its because it has stood on the shoulders of giants Yo. Both Yo an app that literally allows you to say Yo to your friends with one tap and the crowdfunded tuberous treat are unnervingly simple products that leverage tech platforms in order to appeal to a broader audience. Though an actual potato salad is the extreme